Roz Racanello


Artist Statement/Bio

Artist’s Statement:

All artists are, to some degree, constrained by our mind’s eye, by what we see before us and how we perceive it. When I was young I painted self-portraits, working to define my own boundaries and my place in the world.

In the past several years I have turned my inspection to the world around me. Now I look outward and see the stunning beauty of the place I live and put all my efforts into bringing that particular visual forward so that it can be easily understood by onlookers. I use photographs I have taken and then I draw, paint and smear them with a variety of mixed media to bring my inner vision into the more accessible aspect of my artwork. You will see what I see.

The spaces, light, sky and depth of the local landscape are a source of beauty and fascination to me. I can only hope to translate some of that magic onto the hand-made, individual and unique images I put before you. If I succeed then we have both been enriched by the experience.


Educated at the State University College of NY in Buffalo, majored in painting and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Continued her education with graduate work toward a Masters in design at Pratt Institute in New York City. Ms. Racanello had a career in advertising, working in and around New York City. She ended her career as Vice President of Creative for a division of Time/Warner and eventually relocated to Maryland where she had kept a farm as a part-time home and getaway. Once in Maryland full time she spent 12 years managing a regional non-profit. Now she consults in arts management and spends as much time as she can creating landscapes that attempt to convey the sweep and power of the scenes that surround her.

Arts Management:

In addition to creating and showing her own work, she works with the St. Mary’s County Community Development Corporation as Project Manager for the arts on the creation of an arts hot-spot in Lexington Park, a semi-urban outpost in southern Maryland. The first annual arts festival was held there in Spring 2017 and a second in 2018.  Creating and installing public art in Lexington Park is another ongoing effort. A mural designed by a local artist was projected on a 50” x 15’ wall and was painted on by Ms. Racanello, with help from volunteers. A second mural project and possibly a third are funded and are currently under consideration.

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